WPFORMS recently lost email formatting and im not sure why.

Running version

Our emails are received unformatted and it makes the responses hard to sort out.  They used to be OK, but I think there’s a customization that may be messing it up.

This TEST FORM Below will send you an instant autoreply that will show you the unformatted nature of the emails that come in to us.


Recently, a plugin was tweaked that changed the formatting of the way we send a PDF that is attached to some of our items sold in our store. An admin adjusted something and I remember that was “around the same time” as we noticed the formatting for these responses left. the plugin is called QR Code Email Tickets.

I’ve included a temp USER and PASS to our admin to help troubleshoot. We are so dependent on these forms, and trying to fix it would be a lifesaver.




Manchester, NH


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