Sweet Sixteens
Are Sweeter on Wheels!

$399 Party for 16 Skaters!

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‘SWEETSIXTEEN’ at checkout!

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Hosting a Sweet Sixteen party at Remix Roller Rink in Manchester, NH mixes that fun youthful energy with throwback nostalgia of Remix that perfectly complements this milestone celebration! The roller rink provides a unique and engaging venue where teenagers can gather with friends and family to skate, dance, and create unforgettable memories in a vibrant and safe environment!

What's Included:

  • Cost: $449
    Choose a 2.5Hr party slots across our calendar where your 16yo is the VIP!


  • 2.5HR Party
  • Ticket book with 16 skate tickets with rentals included
  • VIP party area at our party tables
    (Seats 16 with limited additional seating.  )
  • Two large pizzas
  • Two pitchers of drinks
  • TV Screen with personalized message
  • Partyware & balloons
  • Rink fun music, lights & more!
  • Birthday girl gets a free souvenir disco ball slush!
Parents Get…
  • Full Restaurant and bar menu
  • Waitstaff & Bartender service

Optional Extras may include…

  • Additional skate tickets
  • Additional food & drink items
  • Additional party area space



See Our Party Area

Our exclusive Party Area has the capacity to host two parties simultaneously. Each side of the area is equipped with table seating for up to 16 people, along with a row of comfortable bench seating. Additionally, you’ll find a cozy small couch and coffee table setup, perfect for relaxing or mingling. And let’s not forget the handy long skinny table, dedicated to displaying cakes and presents.  Have a bigger group? Feel free to book both sides.

See Inside

Our roller skating rink is over 12,000 square feet of fun with more than half being dedicated to our maple roller skating rink.  Our space was especially designed for hosting birthday parties and events with a special space for parties to set up and hang out when not skating.  We recommend our roller skating birthday parties for ages 7 and above, with exception to our skate and scoot morning party.  While your child may have mastered the art of roller skating, most younger children struggle with the coordination required to stay upright on skates, making it especially exhausting for parents.

Roller Skating Birthday Invites

We provide free printable roller skating party invitations for your roller skate party. Simple click on the link to open in Canva.

This is the perfect way to invite your friends to your next Remix roller skating party.

These printable roller skating birthday party invitations are a fun way to get the party rolling. With our easy-to-use Canva templates, you can customize your invitation with all the details of your event, including date, time, location, and RSVP.

Plus, they look great too! So let’s get started on creating some awesome invites that will have everyone ready to lace up their skates and hit the rink.

Celebrate your child's special day with the coolest roller skating birthday parties!

 Unforgettable memories, guaranteed!

At Remix Skate & Event Center, we have created an exciting and safe environment for kids to enjoy roller skating and celebrate their birthdays. Our 12,000 square feet roller skating rink is the ultimate playground for fun-filled parties.

A dedicated space just for parties

We understand the importance of having a designated area for parties to set up and hang out. Our facility is specially designed to accommodate birthday celebrations, with a separate space where you can personalize the party setup and create lasting memories.

Catering to all ages (except our skate and scoot morning party)

We recommend our roller skating birthday parties for children aged 7 and above. While older kids can showcase their roller skating skills, younger children may find it a bit challenging to maintain balance on skates. However, we do offer a special skate and scoot morning party for the little ones who are eager to join in on the fun!

Create your own beat

Skate to your favorite tunes while enjoying our top-notch maple roller skating rink. With more than half of our space dedicated solely to skating, you’ll have plenty of room to show off your moves and groove to the music.

An experience like no other

At Remix Skate & Event Center, we pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable experience for your child’s special day. From the moment they step into our vibrant venue until the final spin around the rink, their birthday celebration will be filled with laughter, excitement, and cherished memories.

Teen Birthday Parties

Finally a place for teens to celebrate and let loose! Remix is your destination for the perfect celebration for your teens! Remix is the perfect spot for a ‘Super’ Sweet 16, Graduation celebration or any reason to celebrate!

All the fun.

We take care of the party planning and logistics so you can relax and enjoy the day alongside your family and friends. All you need to bring is the cake! From decorations to entertainment, our dedicated team will handle the details, leaving you free to make priceless memories!