Exciting news, everyone! Guess What! Remix in Manchester, NH is ready to make your vacation week even more amazing! We’ve decided to extend our hours during MA & NH vacation weeks to give you all the time you need to have a rollicking good time.

Remix is now officially New England’s ultimate upscale rink, ready to dazzle you with fantastic music and mesmerizing lights! Plus, we’ve got a scrumptious range of eats and a fully stocked bar, so you can treat yourself to a delightful refreshment break during your skating adventure!

Admission prices are only $20 for two exciting hours of non-stop fun per skater, including rentals! Reserve tickets ahead of time as we WILL sell out!

LOOKING for weekend tickets >>> BUY THEM HERE!

And hey, remember, our doors are wide open for non-skaters too, as long as they come along with a paying skater! Bring the whole gang for an unforgettable experience at Remix!

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